My First Day Off in 12 Weeks

You guys….it’s finally Friday!

And better yet, I have the day off, say what? Yup true story and I’m, enjoying every bit of it.

Let me give you a little glimpse into my plans for the day, and no before you say it, I don’t plan on avoiding all human contact this weekend. Really they should make awards for that.

potted plant

1. Anyway, first up is triumphant return to the gym. Despite having a job that kept me on my toes all day (notice the hole in my shoes?), it left me exhausted by the end of the day and I usually fell right to sleep as soon as I got home (enter the blogging lag). So it’ll feel good to actually get my sweat on intentionally, not just because the air conditioning on the bus was broken.

2. Next up is a long overdue hair appointment. I can’t blame this one on my long work hours. I should have gone in to the saloon months and months ago…oopsie 🙂 I only plan on getting a trim to clean up my ends, but who knows what will happen once I’m in that chair….

Oh, who am I kidding, I’m the world’s most boring girl when it comes to my hair choices. My dry shampoo and sun highlights haven’t steered me wrong thus far.

3. Finally I’ve got a long list of blog related tasks that I’d like to get started on. No rest for the weary as they say. Although I’ve already mentioned that new school supplies naturally reinvigorates me, and with no school to focus all that Type A on, my blog is the lucky recipient. ‘)

4. I also have a backlog of freelance work I need to kick my butt into gear and finish. I’m like an editor’s worst nightmare. But gold star for me, I actually returned their emails within a week of receiving them. …..your welcome?

5. And last, I plan on reading. I know I said i wouldn’t return to my hermit ways, but dangit if I don’t miss my friends. Er books. I meant books, I definitely have real life friends.

Got any plans for Labor Day?

What about an actual gold star to send me?

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Weekending with a Little Person


The weekends are seriously my only time to get anything done. Including sleep. Including writing my posts for all week which is so totally not my thing. My thing is to write about things as they happen……so that’s been fun 😉

Anyway, even though all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep, eat cookies, and read my book, thankfully JB’s sister and her family decided to take us under their wing and improve our movie and nap plans.

I’ve mentioned before how JB’s niece is the cutest tiny human on the planet. Well in hopes I don’t offend anyone, she really is the cutest tiny human on the planet, no exceptions. Even my own children won’t be as cute…..K maybe I took that too far, but you get my point, I love her and she’s technically not even mine….yet.

zoo day

We all met up at the tiny zoo down the street from my place. I’ve been to the park several times and never actually gone inside the zoo and had no idea how big it actually was. Not like San Diego zoo big, but bigger than I thought could fit int hat tiny park.

It also had some of the most random assortment of animals. We’d go from looking at Kangaroos and Emus to Warthogs and Otters. Weird but still a pretty cool zoo. Ty is starting to talk now so the best part of the day was listening to her sat the names of the animals.

Ta-trl equals turtle.

bu-bls equals bubbles (bubble machine by the lemurs)

feesh equals fish

da equals duck and so on.The. Cutest. Thing. Ever!

uncle and niece

It doesn’t hurt that seeing JB with his niece just about melts my heart every single time. He’s so good with her, even if he still claims she’s “boring” because she can’t do anything yet….Men lol.

After the Zoo, I did end up making a chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter chip cookies. The plan was to take them to work Monday, but between the two of us, JB and I finished em off for dinner. We’re a real classy and balanced meal kinda couple.

I ended up making another batch sans peanut butter chips on Sunday and taking those to work anyway. Full disclosure, I may or may not have had cookies for breakfast this morning. Just keepin it real folks. 😀

Now tell me about YOUR weekend! I promise now that I’ve got all my posts scheduled, my free time goes into reading your posts like a good little blogger 😉

Also don’t forget the first linkup for the Bookish Side of Life Summer Book Challenge is this Wednesday!

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Don’t Ask Me About “Fun” Plans

Welcome to Monday Folks!

Are you the type of person who hates the question, “Got any fun plans for the weekend?” or how about, “What’re you doin the rest of the day” or anything else along those lines? All giant anxiety-inducing questions.

It can’t be just me……

I’ve seriously dreaded that question ever since I turned like 16. No I don’t have any dates. No I’m not hittin the clubs. No frat parties in my future. Movies, what are those?

I’m just over here like……..

current state of mind

p.s. a friend of mine etched my logo into this wine glass for me…..I should probably fill it more so you can actually see it though…..#blogfail

I’m not antisocial either I promise. I am very much an ambivert though, so after a long day at school/work/whatever, I just wanna go home, curl up in my Papasan chair, and dive into my latest library find (ps I just finished my 25/100 book for 2015)… nope, no “fun” plans this weekend by most definitions. (I should mention that asking me after the fact is A-ok…..just not before….I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either)

It’s almost a two-fold conundrum at this point as well. “So what are your plans after graduation” causes the same sort of anxiety, but tenfold because I have zero answers for them….none, nada, zip, zilch. I can tell you I’ll still be reading my library books though, so I suppose that’ll haveta do for now. (ps grad school posts coming soon, one about how it’ll drive you insane…….)

Moving on……I’m gonna go ahead and end this completely pointless post with what I really wanted to talk about today. My immense love and pleasure that the flowers are blooming all around me!

Thank you Mother Nature for finally bestowing us with this gift. If you happen to live in a late-bloomer of a state (see what I did there?) I’ll show you exactly what you’re missin out on…..because I’m a giver like that, you’re welcome…..

flowers in bloom

tulips in bloom

tulips in bloom

UK campus has got the whole flower thing on lock after a week of straight rain! Of course we’re getting another week of straight rain so here’s to hoping Kentucky blooms even more after that! There’s seriously nothin like the vibrant bluegrass against a robin’s egg blue sky…..Mmmmmm warms my soul just thinkin about it 🙂

Now tell me about your weekend? Wait, or don’t if you hate that question post weekend and please tell me about all the flowers in bloom in your area! Wait, unless there are none….Oh heck, just talk to me! Notice I’ve been

Wait, unless there are none….Oh heck, just talk to me! Notice I’ve been answering comments on time lately? Yup….rain. lol

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FriYay Five

Well here we are friends, another Friday!

I have a few humor and actual thought-provoking posts all ready to go and wouldn’t ya know it, I forgot to put photos in every single one of them and didn’t wanna take the time to edit anything last night. Call me a regular genius! So those will have to wait until next week to kick off. No biggie.

Today I’m linkin up with the Friday Five ladies to bring you the latest happenings in this ole life of mine.

Friday Five


I’ve spent about 3-4 hours every day job searching and sending out resumes to said jobs I searched. Graduation is fun isn’t it! I’ve already been through this process once after undergrad and scored a sweet job in no time, so I just need that to happen like pronto.

The planner in me is slowly dying on the inside because I can’t tell you what I’ll be doing in two months…..TBD


My Dad has finally gotten the call to head back to Germany for work, only this time it’s a two year gig so I’ll be heading home next weekend for his last hurrah. Which of course consists of schlepping it in the wilderness of the Smokies for the weekend because we like to live fancy.

Perhaps I’ll even ask him to take more photos and we’ll end up with something like last time……He thinks he’s hilarious 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


SUNSHINE!!!!!!!! That is all……


I have plans to finally try my hand at macarons. I mean, they taste like air and happiness, plus they’re just so dang cute and I have to be the Master of Domesticity!!

It’s a strange compulsion, but Momma raised me right I suppose. Now if I could only trick some guy into letting me wife him up already……


In case you missed it. Unless you meant to miss it on purpose, in which case I bite my thumb at you sir! (Shakespeare reference for the win!)

Now it’s your turn to tell me something amazing from your week (or upcoming week)!

Also I want to know if anyone would like to hire me, pay me lots of money, give me all the time off I want, and feed me ice cream. K thanks

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Sisters Weekend

This weekend my sister (and favorite person) came to visit me!

She’s 8 years younger then me so we didn’t really spend a lot of time under the same roof once we actually became real ppl and not just kids. Because of this, or maybe despite this, we get along great and never (there was that one time) fight! It’s basically the perfect sister-bond-friendship. I love it.

sisters weekend

Isn’t she beautiful?

She came Friday and we immediately went shopping. Duh! After a little thrifting and getting stuck in downtown traffic like a nube, we grabbed some dinner and headed home for a movie night. We also painted our nails like proper gils at a sleepover, but when she painted mine I’m pretty sure she got more on her hands then my nails. We make quite the giggly pair….

coffee mug painted nails Saturday got off to a slow start but picked up when we I forced her to take copious amounts of photos for the BlonderSide. I also made her pose for me b/c, duh, she’s gorgeous and she was a good sport through the outfit changes and got rewarded with a Sonic run for slushes so really we both won.

Besides, she makes it look easy so she can’t really complain. See below for evidence….

DIY knitted headband

Yup, she’s the pretty one in the family 😉

The rest of the day was spent with more shoppin. She’s a terrible influence when it comes to spending my money. I somehow walked about with 4 sweaters, a scarf, and some new gloves when I hadn’t planned on buying anything! Thanks sis ;D

Sunday was another slow morning, but that’s what Sunday is for anyway right? Sadly this was also the day she left me, but it was a wonderful weekend with only 2.5 more weeks before I see her again for Thanksgiving!

What did you do with your weekend??

Also don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter to win FREE money!


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Linkin up with MIMM & Weekending

Marvelous Monday Weekending

Happy Monday everyone!

Can I be real honest with y’all for a second?

I really hate writing recaps…like a lot. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to actually read about what I did over the weekend…..

Like, Hi, my name is Kelsey and I did nothing this weekend. The End.

See you just read my entire recap. It’s over, finished, finite!….But wait!


This past weekend was very different from my norm. My Mother and one of my older brothers came to visit me, which actually means I did something. Sorry library books and Netflix. (then I wonder why I’m single jeez)

I worked pretty much all day Friday until late but we managed to meet up for lunch at my fave Tom & Chee. (heads up, all they serve are variations of grilled cheese…..Need I say more 🙂 ) Then ice cream after work…..WARNING there was lots of food harmed consumed in the making of this post….

Saturday we went to Shaker Village and went on a historical journey. It was the perfect Fall weather and I actually put on real clothes so it was another win…for everyone really…

Shaker Village Lexington, KY

Of course it was unanimously decided that I make a straw bonnet look good, but alas, I didn’t leave with one….

Shaker Village Straw Bonnet

After the Village my Mom and I did a little shopping and I finally found a puffy vest that I liked (Old Navy folks). I also picked up a few new flannels so I can officially get my Basic White Girl on this Fall!

Sunday Funday we spent the morning at the Farmers Market and I was extremely elated that there was kettle corn…because like, kettle corn is life……Oh and I of course wore some of my new clothes because when I say I rarely put on real clothes I’m not exaggerating in the slightest…..

Before you go, I’m holdin the Blog Baton on Instagram today so be sure to pop on over and follow along…..then Follow me as well because….well because.

How was your weekend??


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Linkin up with MIMM and Weekending