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First things first though, why do we use the term “sponsor” anyway? Like if I put your button on my sidebar does that make me or you the Sponsor? And is the other person then the Sponsee? And will you then require a baseball cap with your team name on it? Or can we just skip to the part where there’s snacks….everyone likes snacks.

Pretty sure I got it all wrong….sigh….just another blogger thing I guess I’ll never truly know….

I haven’t hit “big time” blogger status yet (you can read my reasons why here 😉 ). Despite being blogger challenged in all those aspects, I’m kinda a big deal in some circles. We won’t go into detail of what and who’s in those circles but just know that there are people out there that think I’m pretty awesome (Hi Dad 😀 )

Current Stats (updated last time I remembered)

  • Blog Followers (through WordPress) = 341
  • Bloglovin Followers = 321
  • Total Followers = 662
  • Twitter Followers = 655
  • Facebook = 339
  • Instagram = 425
  • Daily Average Page Views = 445
  • Monthly Views = 13,787

For Bloggers

I used to use Passionfruit and then AdProval for sidebar ads, but I’ve decided to just go it alone and cut out the middle-man. I know it’s supposedly easier with a third party but they just seemed to cause problems so here we are.

  • Sidebar ads are $6
  • A blog takeover is $10
Shoot me an email with the one you’d like. Each option comes with social media promotions as well.

For Businesses and Companies

I’ve done a few campaigns and sponsored posts with several brands. To discuss options and talk about details of what you’re looking for please email me at blondersideoflifeblog@gmail.com.
To see a few of the campaigns I have published, check out the posts below.

I also do freelance writing. If you’re interested in seeing the type of material I’ve written in the past, check out a few of my writing samples here.

Happy Blogging everyone 🙂

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