Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday Lovelies!

Posting only on a Wednesday is kinda cool. Ya know like on Wednesday we wear pink kinda cool.

Maybe one day another day will make it in the rotation but it’s a case of baby steps….

Down to business.

I don’t stress…about anything. Seriously, I keep it cool as a cucumber in any given situation that doesn’t involve open water or a shark attack. Or unwarranted confrontation. I don’t enjoy that at all…..

Post-engagement however, I started to stress about the most important part.

No not the dress, venue, or guest list. All of that pales in comparison to the official Wedding Hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags

The wedding hashtag totally sets the mood of your entire marriage. Have a lame hashtag and you might as well sign the divorce papers now. I’m not making this stuff up people, it’s science!

The only thing I could come up with that I thought was truly original and clever was : #IfYouLikeItThenYouBarrosPutaRingOnIt


It’s kinda long right?

Before I even called my family to tell them the good news, I was online trying to craft the perfect hashtag. I found the hashtag generator on Wedding Wire and had to share a few of my options.

#TakeMetoBarrosTown (and we have a winner)





#BarrosPartyof2 (cliche?)

#TheBarrosesSayIDo (predictable?)

#SheronBarrosMashup (Is this a sorority mixer?)

#StokedToBeaBarros (this one might be bending the truth a little much)

#LiveLaughBarros (What are we a beach?)

#Kelseyand JohnSittinginaTree (I’ve never climbed a tree so this would be false advertising)

#JohnLovesKelsey (good luck getting him to admit it in public!)

#YouHadMeAtSheron (except that I’m the bride….)

#HereComeTheBarroses (it’s growin on me…..)

So those are my options. I need your help. Are you more clever than the Wedding Wire? Give me a Hashtag or I’ll never sleep again!

But seriously share with me what your wedding hashtag was in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Hashtag Ideas

  1. I so love when my bride & grooms have hashtags so I can add pictures to it – & seeing what others saw through the day. You really have to get that hashtag out there – most people dont even realize there is one… That last name is so unique that using that should keep it solely yours. I hate when there’s a common name & their hashtag gets mixed in with other wedidng parties.

  2. #syonarasheron, #BecomingBarros, #solongsheron that all I got, it’s so hard! Ours was super lame because it was the start of the hashtag craze so it was just #alkekwedding but for my Bach it was #endoftherhoads (my maiden name was Rhoads) and that was thought of by a random old, drunk man at the airport terminal with us on the way to New Orleans.

  3. I’m just old. And kind of thankful that I didn’t have to stress about this . . . is that wrong? I do love a hashtag though . . . I would say keep it short and sweet because there’s too much room for error with hashtags since spell check is overruled! 😉

  4. haha wedding hashtags are so useful but I have to laugh at some of them (like the sitting in a tree hehe). I think take me to barros town really is a winner 😉

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