Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday Lovelies!

Posting only on a Wednesday is kinda cool. Ya know like on Wednesday we wear pink kinda cool.

Maybe one day another day will make it in the rotation but it’s a case of baby steps….

Down to business.

I don’t stress…about anything. Seriously, I keep it cool as a cucumber in any given situation that doesn’t involve open water or a shark attack. Or unwarranted confrontation. I don’t enjoy that at all…..

Post-engagement however, I started to stress about the most important part.

No not the dress, venue, or guest list. All of that pales in comparison to the official Wedding Hashtag.

Wedding Hashtags

The wedding hashtag totally sets the mood of your entire marriage. Have a lame hashtag and you might as well sign the divorce papers now. I’m not making this stuff up people, it’s science!

The only thing I could come up with that I thought was truly original and clever was : #IfYouLikeItThenYouBarrosPutaRingOnIt


It’s kinda long right?

Before I even called my family to tell them the good news, I was online trying to craft the perfect hashtag. I found the hashtag generator on Wedding Wire and had to share a few of my options.

#TakeMetoBarrosTown (and we have a winner)





#BarrosPartyof2 (cliche?)

#TheBarrosesSayIDo (predictable?)

#SheronBarrosMashup (Is this a sorority mixer?)

#StokedToBeaBarros (this one might be bending the truth a little much)

#LiveLaughBarros (What are we a beach?)

#Kelseyand JohnSittinginaTree (I’ve never climbed a tree so this would be false advertising)

#JohnLovesKelsey (good luck getting him to admit it in public!)

#YouHadMeAtSheron (except that I’m the bride….)

#HereComeTheBarroses (it’s growin on me…..)

So those are my options. I need your help. Are you more clever than the Wedding Wire? Give me a Hashtag or I’ll never sleep again!

But seriously share with me what your wedding hashtag was in the comments below!

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Confessions and Such

Hello Friends….

I’m not sure if these are confessions or just random thoughts coming out of my brain…..

Either way, I’m publishing them on the internet so I’m sure there’s a statement about my social well-being in here somewhere….

small plug, scarf by Me.

>> Starting off, I have to be honest…..That picture is from last year when I visited JB in Boston for New Years. Winter so far this year has been 63 degrees and sunny so I’m not quite sure if I brought my Southern warm with me, or Mother Nature is about to have the biggest laugh on us all come January….

>> In case anyone was wondering, I look pretty much just like that picture still, except my hair is about 2 inches longer. Confession I haven’t had a haircut since then…I’m really good at hair maintenance………

>>I’m gonna complain one more time about not having a computer…My laptop’s still broken and I’m still broke so no replacement has been determined as of now. And by complain only one more time I mean every time I publish a post for the next year until I get a new laptop. And by I’m broke I really mean, too stingy to buy a new one when I’d rather have a savings account and pay off my student loans….Oh and also my car is now half way on blocks so there’s that fun expense….Being an adult is awesome….

>> I’ve published literally ONE post in December so far…..It’s a good thing I’m not all caught up in that stat counting thing….silently weeps on the inside…….

>> Does anyone else, about once a month get a little moody and question every decision they’ve ever made in their entire life and suddenly envision their life going off the rails and ending up in a van down by the river? Probably just me. My life is so hard.

>> Don’t take it personally if I haven’t responded to your comment in about 2 weeks….I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments for two weeks. So at least I’m not showing favoritism ya know.

>> I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and therefore lost all purpose in life for the next two weeks. I suppose I could focus on wrapping said gifts, but I’m flying most of them home to TN and they don’t allow you to fly wrapped gifts. Like once year in college in Utah, I tried flying home with wrapped gifts in my carry-on and despite the extremely powerful x-ray machine they use to find guns, drugs, and other illegal things, somehow my Dollar Tree Dora the Explorer wrapping paper duped them….The security guy made me stand there and unwrap Every. Single. One…..

>> I typed this all in about 30 minutes on my ipad, before I had to run around like a crazy person getting ready for work this morning. Good thing I’m so good at girl things like putting on mascara and remembering to do both eyes before leaving the apartment……

So that’s basically it. Confessions or just rando statements. I’m just not sure. Make them what you will. The only thing I ask of you is to be nice to me during my involuntary hiatus and still be my friend when I’m back

K thanks.

Oh and Happy Holidays and all that

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Why I’m Not a Bigger Blogger Part 3

Welcome November!

Er mid-November because apparently I can’t be bothered. Actually, all my files got deleted so only things hangin out in random places got spared. This just so happened to be one of them so lucky you, you get Part 3 of an installment that really I should be embarrassed to be writing lol.

I mean really, can you believe I’m writing a part 3 to this series? I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a Big Blogger but seriously 3 parts?? I’s just awful that I can name that many things that make me seemingly incapable of hitting the big time.

In case you haven’t read the other two, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of why I’m not a Bigger Blogger. I’d say they’re relatable but then again it’s my life so of course I can relate.

why im not a bigger blogger

So what’s the big deal anyway? Why would I even Want to be a Big Blogger? Are you dumb? Kidding, but seriously, doesn’t everyone dream of one day making it big and having companies just pay for them to jet-set around the world staying in fancy hotels and doing all the fun things? Ok maybe, that’s not exactly my end goal, but getting the occasional kick-back to help pay off my loans wouldn’t hurt.

However, after blogging for about 2.5 years, I actually like the place I’ve settled into blogging-wise. I feel like I’m actually writing about things that matter to me and I’ve been connecting to some awesome ladies. I brought the Secret Blogger Club back just for that reason so everyone can connect with other bloggers. As a smaller blogger we can sometimes get buried under the bigger ones and it’s hard to get our voice and blogs out there. Enter the SBC. A platform for bloggers to get their content out there and connect with each other. All are welcome!

Ok, plug over….

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it. Here’s 5 more reasons I haven’t hit that Big Blogger status. Double le sigh 😉


I can’t command the actions of hundreds or thousands. I held an Instagram challenge in October and through the whole month I had a total of 215 posts that used the hashtag. I should point out that many of those were people showing off their blonde hair for some salon so we can effectively cut down that number as well. To compare, there’s a few bloggers that on a whim create a hashtag for their followers to use and in the first few hours accrue a couple hundred photos with the hashtag. An influencer I am not….

Ok with that, I am…..


I’m not on Snapchat or Periscope. Apparently these are things. Two things that I will never get on board with. I’m already not a fan of most social media and like to be unplugged as much as possible so using Snapchat or Periscope are two bandwagons I won’t be joining. More power to those who enjoy these two forms of media of course and I may be shooting myself in the foot for not being one of them, but if I can’t even be bothered with Twitter half the time, I don’t need to be snappin pics for y’all to keep up with my extremely uneventful life. Really, you’re welcome…

I know to really hit the big time you need to be present on social media channels. Sorry not sorry blog-self, this won’t be you….


I have yet to make any real money off this bad boy. I make some, sure. Maybe I’m doing this thing all wrong. Probably am. But my content isn’t really something people go all ga-ga over. I blog about my life. My life isn’t anything fancy, therefore no adoring fans. Except you Mom and Dad! So while I do offer sponsorship’s, I do it to help others not make a bucket load, and I do write sponsored posts occasionally, but I’m not banking on quitting my job any time soon. So yup, basically I’m doing this all wrong….

[Tweet “Just 5 more reasons I’m not a “bigger” blogger and why you shouldn’t care “]


I’m Never Ahead of the Seasons. You mean Halloween is this weekend? Let me post my DIY Halloween costume the day of, that’s helpful to other people. Seriously, this is my blogging strategy and it only gets me so far…as in not far at all. I am a planner by nature but when it comes to planning ahead for posting about Holiday stuff it basically happens right on the holiday, or a few days before if I happen to have my ish together that week. maybe one day I’ll bring you awesome Holiday content a whole two weeks before it happens, who knows, I like to dream big!

Oh yea Thanksgiving is coming up, maybe I should think of something seasonal to write about…..


Inevitably I drop the ball on scheduling. I usually post MWF with the Secret Blogger Club going live every Thursday. MWF has been my proposed blog schedule since I started this whole shindig, however if you look back there have been days I didn’t post. Mostly because I had nothing good to say.  Maybe that’s actually a sign of a good blogger, not bogging down your content with sub-par posts. But really it’s a sign of being too lazy ahead of time to actually think of something good to post…I like to make myself feel better and call it a creative slump. The truth is I was too busy knitting, reading, or potentially binge watching One Tree Hill again to even attempt a creative gold strike.

So that about sums up my blogger status…I’m not sure if I’m proud or just extremely lazy and full of excuses to now have 15 reasons I’m, not a bigger blogger. (See the first 5 and the second 5).

Whatever the reason though, I love this blog and I love the friends I make writing it.

Also shameless plug, I love the weekly linkup that was created because of posts like this. (Secret Blogger Club)

So now it’s your turn, why are you not a bigger blogger?

Better yet, leave your blog in the comments and you just might be featured in the SBC!

And of course don’t forget to come back every Thursday to linkup with me!

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My Favorite Hashtag


As I was actually posting every day during my October Instagram Challenge last month, I came across my favorite hashtag…..

P.S. I also found out today when I looked that people are still using the #blondetober hashtag which I’m not sure is a compliment or they’re making fun of me? Whatevs, it’s fun to see everyones photos either way lol.

So, it wasn’t until I was posting every day of October (I’ve since backed off a bit, oops) that I realized just how big a mess my life really is by “world” standards. If a hashtag described my life, it’s this one….


And I mean it in the sense that it’s not true at all……

Read it as if it’s dripping with sarcasm…..big, fat drops of sarcasm…..

Favorite Hashtag

Let me explain…..

I’ve already written about Adult things I don’t understand and y’all assured me that at 26 I’ve got many, many years of not understanding ahead…..  #coolbeans

I also asked a few questions to make sure I wasn’t doing this whole thing wrong. Some said I wasn’t…others said I was… #OhWell

And can we talk about the fact that I like to use hashtags in daily conversation? I should reiterate that I’m 26, not 16…. #sorrynotsorry

Seriously, if it makes me laugh, I’m going to say it even in the middle of a staff meeting….. Well that one may have been one of those “time and place” kinda situations…..but it didn’t stop me….

So back to my favorite Hashtag.


[Tweet “I’ve found your new favorite hashtag! Join me in the revolution!! #adultingsohard”]

It applies to most situations in my life.

>> Like when I wore visible Hello Kitty tattoos to work for weeks on end….

>> Or that time that some Parents decided that I was old enough to teach their kids soccer…Did I mention that I’ve never played soccer before??

>> Or when I literally took 20 photos of the title photo in a store….

>> Have I mentioned my constant travel companion is a teddy bear? #noshame

>> How about on the weekends instead of showering I just toss a bandanna on my head?

Now, I do have a brand new adult job that requires office supplies and my own office with a lock and everything. I consider myself a pretty big deal now, but I always do that’s nothing new. But despite being the youngest one at the company (that’s FT anyway, we do have PT high schoolers that serve in the dining room) it’s my duty to step up my adulting game.

So that means….

….no more flower crowns ….at work anyway.

….no more PJ’s in the afternoons….except on casual Monday’s  (I don’t work on Mondays, duh)

….time to put away the dragon eggs….

….THIS face is not accetable for my work photo….

….my motto can no longer highlight fairy tale creatures…..

Ya get me?

I’m an adult now!

At least I’m trying……

I really am, I even told JB the other day that it’s finally time for us to grow up….kinda…mostly….a bit…..

So we’re gonna be real adults now and maybe actually kinda abit live an adult life…..

Here’s to trying anyway lol

What’s your favorite hashtag?

Will you join the #adultingsohard revolution with me?

Seriously, let’s all overtake the #adultingsohard feed!

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My First Vlog; It’s Not Awkward At All

You guys….

I really can’t believe I’m posting a vlog on the internet…..

How do YouTube people do this all the time? Super awkward….

Vlog Title


Anyway, I’m linkin up with Blogtember again to get myself out of my comfort zone, although it’s lookin mighty cozy right about now.

Yeesh, here we go… nice

So really, was that as awkward for you as it was for me?

Learn anything surprising?

Want to unfollow me on all social media channels now?

Experiencing a sudden onset of girl crush?

Both of these would be acceptable reactions, although I’m hoping more for the second reaction and not a mass exodus from my blog….

Whew, I did it and now there’s no turning back. Until I wake up tomorrow and delete it from humiliation 😉

Have you ever done a vlog? Or plan on doing one now?

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Online Me vs. Real Life Me

Today I’m talking about my online self versus my real life self. (thanks Blogtember for the idea!)

Are they the same? Do I actually have any real friends? How much time to I actually spend alone? Does anyone actually care?

These are just some of the hard-hitting questions I’m sure you’re curious to know.

How similar is your online presence to your real life one?

In all seriousness though, I will be answering all your questions this Friday I’m doing my very first vlog. Yup, get ready to see Blonder Side in actual real life. Scary.

So if you have any questions for me send em my way. Add them in the comments, tweet me, or message me on Facebook! I’m super nervous and not entirely sure this is a good idea (especially if no one asks any questions #awkward)

For now though, let’s take a general look at my online versus real life personas…..

Online Self:

  • Confident
  • Witty
  • Great hair

In Person Self:

  • More shy
  • Less witty (I really need time to get those zingers developed)
  • Great hair 😉

I don’t really have great hair, it’s just long and blonde which tends to trick people. Kidding, I love my hair, God I’m so complicated. I really am more shy in person though. It takes me a hot minute to warm up to feeling comfortable in large crowds, and considering the amount of time I spend avoiding large crowds, you can read that as I almost never warm up to them.

[Tweet “In real life versus Online life. how do you think yours match up?”]

If you were to ask JB’s friends or family, I’ve known them all for 4 years, they’d probably tell you that I lean towards being a wallflower in their presence. No lie, y’all probably know me a bit better since I never shut up here.

laugh every day quote

Online Self:

  • Put together
  • Happy ALL the time
  • Outgoing

In Person Self:

  • I have no clue what I’m doing
  • Happy 99% of the time
  • Homebody who is more ambivert

The older I get, the more convinced I become that no one truly knows what the heck they’re doing. When I wrote about Adult things I still don’t understand, it seemed to resonate with pretty much every one.

And I really am that happy person. Annoying right? I get uber homesick sometimes being so far from my family, and sometimes discouraged that I’m behind where I should be, but, and I think IRL people can vouch for me, that 99% of the time I am happy. You can send a virtual face punch my way 😉

As far as the homebody one, I feel I get that trait across loud and clear lol.


When it comes down to it, I really try to portray my online self as transparent as I can. Except for the better lighting, highlights of my best moments, and incredibly stellar banter with the written word, my online self really is my in person self. Don’t believe me? Don’t forget to come back Friday to witness my humiliation of my very first vlog…..Pray for me….

What about you? Is your online self the same or different than your in person self?

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26 “Adult” Things I Still Don’t Understand

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Yesterday was officially my birthday, although with how much I’ve talked about it, I can see why you might have been confused. With that I am now 26……26 years young of course. Because seriously, when does the whole “being an adult” thing kick in?

With a Blogger’s birthday, comes one of two posts. Either the list of things they learned (I did that one last year) or the list of things they want to do. I guess I have no ambition because I’ve never attempted that list.

I’ve got a slightly different twist on the list though. It will of course have 26 items because I’m not a complete novice at this, but my list is things I still don’t get. Specifically, 26 “Adult” Things I Still Don’t Understand……

Are you an adult? Still confused about...everything? Here's 26 Adult Things I Still Don't Understand so we can commiserate together.

Let’s just start shall we?

1. Insurance. Does anyone understand this anymore? All I know is I need it and it costs money. Most likely more money then I can pay, unless I get a job in which they give it to me? Yes, no? I still pay for it? Dang…

2. HMO. Pretty sure this is a real thing?

3. PPO. I’m more inclined to believe this one is made up.

4. Taxes. Why you take all my money Obama?

5. Making Your Own Dr. Appointments. Ok fine, I understand it, I just want my Mom to continue to make those for me until I die, and what’s so wrong with that?

6. Not Having a Christmas Break. Since when did it become acceptable for adults not to enjoy Holiday’s with their families? I understand not giving me two weeks, but a half day on Christmas Eve then one day for Christmas? Gee thanks Mr. Scrooge.

7. Minimum Vacation Time in General. And people wonder why they burn out…..

8. Not Being Accepting of Everyone. I realize kids can be mean as well, but they are way more apt to accept everyone until we, as adults, teach them not to. I just wish I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy…….

9. Tipping. Math + Kelsey = not friends. Math with percentages + Kelsey = Mortal enemies. Just tell me what I owe you in order to leave your establishment with my doggy bag please.

10. Watching the News. If it’s not viral on Facebook or on Buzzfeed news, chances are I won’t know about it……….I just read that out loud and realize how bad that actually is…

11. Why is a Tv Reporter behind the desk called an Anchor? Who decided that?

12. AAA. So like, I can just call them and they come to rescue me?

13. Having Kids. I want them, but does anyone else have a minor panic attack when they think about actually having them. Like having them forever, not just while they’re tiny and cute but when they turn into sassy, angsty teenagers?? (I’m looking at you Sis) I’ll stick to nieces and nephews for now, you can give them back at the end of the day.

14. The Amount of Time Before it’s Acceptable to go Home. This one plagued me in college too. I”m all, “Here I am, I made an appearance. Now I’m gonna go home, take my pants off and read a book, k thanks.”

15. Linkedin. But seriously, is it really a thing?

16. Not Watching Cartoons. Yes I’m watching this by myself, and no it’s not because I’m babysitting. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t still enjoy a good Land Before Time flick. Confession, I just re-watched Digimon on Netflix with JB one weekend. It was on in the background as we did other stuff but still. Judge me if you want.

17. Meal Planning. No I get it, I do….but can food just be ready for me when I get home please?

18. Networking. Again, I get it, it’s so good for your career and blah-dy, blah-dy , blah. But if you refer back to #14 you can understand why I’m not a fan of these functions…..

19. Paying Off Student Loans. Can I even be considered an adult if I’m still paying off student loans? Also is it bad that I’m not using the degree I’m even paying off?

20. Those Still Stuck Mentally in Middle School. We get it, you’re pretty, now make your inside just as pretty. Also where did you get those shoes?

21. A Slowing Down Metabolism. But why can’t I eat ice cream for dinner every night and still look fly? Or Fleek? I don’t even know what the kids are saying these days, le sigh….

22. Working a Job You Hate. I’ll never understand this one….And I don’t mean the working a job to make ends meet kind of situation (I’ve been in that canoe already). I mean the you have the opportunity to make changes and you don’t. But what the heck do I know.

23. How to Make Friends. Help me I’m shy…..Also #14….

24. Saving Money While Paying Off Student Loans. This goes back to #19 and even though I went to grad school for free, I still have loans from undergrad. The government wants ALL my money yo!

25. How I Actually Got to 26 things is Terrifying! Oh Lord, how can there be this many things I still don’t understand?? I’ve technically been an adult for like 8 years! Although considering most of that was spent in school, and until a few weeks ago on my Parents insurance, I guess the clock just barely started 😉

26. Those Who Actually Grow Up.  Why’d you give up and start being an adult? Life is more fun when you live it with some kid mentalities.

Get a job and pay your bills, but don’t even lose that sense of wonder and acceptance that you had as a kid. As for me and my house, we shall never grow up!

What other “Adult” things do you not understand?

Am I just doing this all wrong?

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26 is For the Birds

Hey Friends…..

Either 26 isn’t sitting right with me or hormones can really mess with your week. TMI male readers (Hi Adam!) but seriously. If I hadn’t been blessed with such good friends that have showered me with the best of gifts (besides their friendship duh) this week really woulda been the pits…

shop planner

I am now officially the oldest person at my job….I was neck in neck with another 25-year old but then I had my birthday and that was that….Yeesh, that’s a fun realization to have…..

It’s been a real scorcher in Mass lately so the kids and counselors have going mad. Like Heat Crazy. If that’s not already a trademarked thing then I’m callin dibs right now. There’s nothing crazier than a bunch of 6-8-year-olds left out in the heat for 8 hours. Made for a fun work week.

Compound that with still wanting to be at the beach with JB’s family and a major bout of homesickness for the hills of Tennessee, and you can see how my week has been….

I’m complaining too much. This week might not have been the best I’ve ever had, but it also hasn’t been the worst. (Middle school flashbacks anyone?)

On the plus side I received a brand new planner from my sister and spent close to 3 hours Thursday night filling out all the dates and attempting to use washi tape to be all cute and blogger-y. Don’t judge my chipped nails ya jerk 😛

planner fun

I also made a delicious eggplant and spinach pasta with beef plus flatbread meal. I made the whole thing up as I went along and was super happy with how it turned out. JB-approved as well so I suppose you could say I’m winning at the whole girlfriend thing 😉

Now I want to get back to my planner fun. JB is currently laughing at me for being this excited over a planner. I’m not sure why though, I mean what do boys learn in school?

So how’s your week been? Fun plans for the weekend?

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5 Things: Get to Know Me

Happy Friday Friends!

Can we get pumped for a second! My birthday is this weekend and I’ll be spending it with JB’s family at the Cape, whoo! The only thing better would be if a few of my birthday wishes came true and my family was here as well.

Since it is my birthday soon and all, and I’ve got a few new readers as of late, I thought it would be fun and completely blogger appropriate to share a bit about myself. A get to know me of sorts.

Things I'm Obsessed With

I know this “game” has been going around the interwebs and with anything else I’m late to the party. Whatevs, I showed up and that’s most of the battle right there.

I asked JB first of course. For those of you unfamiliar, he’s my Boo-thang of 4 years.

  1. Him…..(typical answer)
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Shia, my cuddle buddy, best friend, teddy bear. (And no as an almost 26-year-old woman, I’m not afraid to admit that on the internet)
  4. Being the Best at whatever I do (Type A much?)
  5. BLAH

Next up is my Momma!

  1. Tyler, JB’s niece (a big hell’s yea!)
  2. Lists/Planning (that one should be obvious)
  3. Healthy living (donuts count for heart health I think some scientist said somewhere)
  4. Being Happy!
  5. Blogging

My second family member to make the cut also happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet, my baby sister.

  1. Reading
  2. JB
  3. Her
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Blogging

I felt it only right to take it outside the family a bit and ask one of my very dearest besties. I should note that we haven’t actually seen each other in person for about 5 years since we graduated college. She still rocks my socks off though.

  1. She’s The Man Quotes (Best. Movie. Ever. Made)
  2. Books/Reading
  3. Yoga/Fitness
  4. Being a Grandma (aka knitting at home on a Friday Night)
  5. Adventuring!

I move so often I usually keep track of friends by what state they live in, but this KY bestie just moved her butt out to Texas so now I’m all sorts of confused. Here’s what she had to say….

  1. Donuts (you mean other people aren’t?)
  2. Braids (yup I usually am sporting one somehow)
  3. Running, even though I can’t anymore…(sad but true)
  4. Helping people achieve their goals (can you tell what a sweetheart she is?)
  5. Anything tasty…..(I live for food)

And since a list of five is so predictable, here’s a sixth person (A combined effort from my Brother and Sister in law) to reveal my secrets.

  1. JB
  2. Healthy Eating (green beans and cauliflower for everyone!)
  3. Shia (I once was visibly distraught when I forgot to pack him for a visit home to my Parents a few years ago)
  4. One Tree Hill (le duh)
  5. Jacie (my little sister)

A few other fun answers were Myself (I can’t help it if I’m awesome), Dunkin Donuts (is King), Mom & Pop Restaurants (I try not to eat at chains unless absolutely unavoidable….Dunks doesn’t count obvi.), Trying to make desserts more healthy but giving up and eating them anyway (Hahahahahahahhahahah),

So basically, according to my friends and family I am……a Type A planner, who’s only friend is an inanimate object, who loves healthy eating but only if it involves lots of donuts, and oh yea, obsessed with JB, myself, and my sister just not quite equally…..sound about right?

Have you played this fun game yet? What do you think people would say about you?

Also pretty please entertain me for my Birthday weekend, don’t forget to enter my giveaway, and give me a few things you’d say I’m obsessed with/love after reading my blog for a long time, a bit or just today. The more abstract and funnier the better!

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I Wore A Dora BackPack To Work


We made it to Friday….Can we just let that soak in for a bit?

I don’t know about you, but this has been an even busier week than normal. And if you consider I work 12-13 hour work days every day, that’s sayin something 😉

I gotta tell ya though, I sure do love my job. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I really mean it. If this were a year-round gig, I’d be one happy Camp Director! Unfortunately, it’s only seasonal and I’ve gotta kick my butt into gear to find something for the Fall.

Although fingers crossed I’ve got an opportunity with the same company as their Youth Wellness and Sports Coordinator. Not sure if that breaks any blogger rules by not making you wait for a big announcement, but whatever, blogger rules are dumb sometimes.

breezy picnic grounds

I did want to tell you about the fabulous field trip we took yesterday though. I know, can you believe it? I not only took this trip yesterday, but I went home that night, edited my photos and wrote this post all in one night. Can I get an internet High Five!?!

So first le’ts start with the need-to-know details shall we? We had about 100 kids to bus an hour away to a lake area. These kids ranged in age from 6-14. Many of the younger ones can’t swim so by way of bracelet color we keep track of which are allowed in the water up tot heir waists, and which can swim up to their shoulders. Toss all 100 in the lake at the same time in a “coned off” area and see if you don’t lose your mind.

breezy picnic grounds

Next up, this place had water slides…..We wear camp t-shirts on each field trip, but if it’s a water trip, they only have to wear them when they’re outside the water (essentially to and from the destination and any bathroom runs). Again, you try keeping track of 100 kids in bathing suits amongst the other 300 rando kids  (there were two other summer camps there at the same time)running around without getting a headache….

We had this one kid who kept coming into our camp area and we kept getting confused as to who he was until one of his camp people would come grab him. So at least I didn’t have anyone wander off, *insert pat on the back here*

dora backpack

I did have a runner though. He was “looking for his glasses” but it looked a whole lot more like a mad dash to the water slide unattended. I don’t know, you tell me.

Anyway, I should also mention that yes, that is my backpack and not a campers. Perhaps also pertinent information to know is that I bought that backpack in college. I bought it in college, wore it in college, and continue to wear it at every summer camp I’ve ever worked. They say the Thug Life chose me or something….

Also for some reason a popular thing among youth these days is rolling down grassy hills after jumping in a lake? Not quite sure if that was well thought out because they were all itching the rest of the day. And can we comment on the size of children’s bikinis these days? Can we leave something to the imagination girls? One pieces should be the only option until you’re like 25. And no I didn’t pick that particular age because it happens to correspond with my own, jeez what do you take me for?

I’m going to leave you with an artistic rendition of a camper sitting quietly by the water. I say artistic because you’d never find that in real life so one must dream it up and paint it on a canvas. In said painting they must also put it at the exact right angle to exclude any other non-quietly sitting campers causing havoc in the water….you know, if this were even a real thing….

breezy picnic grounds

So you want my job? Like my view for the day? Generally impressed that I wrote a post for today? Let me know in the comments below!

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